Free Roof Inspections to verify storm damage!

Our Involvement from beginning to end...

Achieving the Expected Outcome; Full Replacement

We  specialize  in  representing  homeowners  interests  in  storm  damage  claims.    Your  probability  of  a  positive  outcome  in  the  claim  process  is  greatly  improved  through  our  advocacy.   Your  insurance  company  is  not your  friend.    They  have  specific  obligations  according  to  your  policy  terms.   We  make  sure  they  deliver...

Insurers Are Obligated

Once  your  claim  is  opened,  an  adjuster  is  assigned to  evaluate  and  determine  your  loss  profile.    As  your  advocate,  we  meet  with  and  point  out  specific  elements  of  your  loss  relative  to the established qualification  rules  for  full  replacement.   Our  success  rate  is  very  high for  which  you  are  the  direct  beneficiary.    Precision Roofing  then  completes  the  installation  according  to  the  scope  prepared  by  the  insurer.   This  is  the  most  cost  efficient  way  to  replace  your  roof,  as  your  out-of-pocket  expense  is limited  to  your  deductible.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Precision Roofing  is  GAF  Certified.    What  this  means  to  you  is  the highest quality roof  system  available  with a  GAF  30 year manufacturer  warranty,  which is  the  industry  best.   Our  professional installation  crew  is  dedicated  to delivering exceptional service to the  smallest detail.    The  crew  is courteous  as  well  as  attentive  to your property.    All  job  related  debris  is  removed  and  the  premises thoroughly  cleaned.    We will not leave the job until it is finished and you are completely satisfied with the results.